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April 30, 2015


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Pam Hale Trachta

Joanna, thank you for this thoughtful response. Right away I thought of my family in LA and urged my daughter to update their earthquake preparedness system and equipment. I'm sure you can help people there be fully conscious of the danger and the ways to prepare in case. And having been through a damaging earthquake (I still remember the Anaheim one), you can offer your compassionate prayers and thoughts. I appreciate your taking the time to share in this way.

Joanna Poppink

Hi Pam,

This is a beautiful post, reminding us of what we have and what we can give from our gifts. I too, wish we could give water and firm land to the Nepalese people.

I salute you and your writings. I can feel your heart and your generous spirit linking all of us with the Nepalese people now.

I live in Los Angeles. I know what it's like, to some degree, to be in an earthquake that topples structures and to continue to feel the powerful aftershocks for days and even weeks after. The sound of an earthquake is like no other. The best description I can give is of an enormous living roar of living rock mountains that fills the world.

And yes, I know what it's like to sleep on a mattress outside and feel it rock as if I were in a boat.

But I had food, water, a house that had been retrofitted and remained standing, and city services to send trucks to pile up the towers of brick along side the streets from the fallen fireplaces. I had radio and telephone.

No one in my area died. I had four or five hours of fear and helplessness until my daughter arrived at my door step with her cat and a quart of orange juice and cash. Her place had been trashed but she and her cat were fine. And I felt the greatest joy I’ve ever
felt in my life to see her alive and well.

I had earthquake insurance. I did rebuild.

My heart goes out to the Nepalese people, suffering from a much bigger earthquake with much fewer resources to cope.

From here I feel the best way I can respond to this tragedy is to send money and encourage others to do the same. Reputable organizations, like the Red Cross


and the United Nations World Food Programme


are my choices.

These organizations have disaster workers on the spot or as close as they can get. They know what is needed. Money is much easier to send and receive than merchandise. And money can be directed to specific and relevant needs of the moment.

Your words about compassion, creativity, problem solving, love and caring are sensitive and profound, Pam. Giving what we have, emotionally and financially, is vital for Nepal.

I think it’s vital, not only for those who need, but for those to give. We live in a dangerous time when it’s critical for all of us to be reminded that we can give and that we can rally to help one another regardless of miles or cultural differences involved.



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