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May 07, 2014


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Pam Hale Trachta

Tricia, thank you. I feel the courage this takes, as there's a big part of me that has always colluded with the "be as young as you can" culture. It's hard to resist! And even as I do, I'm holding the caveat that it better look good! Stay tuned...

Tricia van Dockum-Hedman

Way to go, Pam. I consider this to be a very brave move as our culture definitely doesn't encourage looking our age and embracing our natural qualities. Thanks for your honest prose. I know you're going to look amazing!

Pam Hale Trachta

Thank you, ladies, for these encouraging comments! Roberta, you're a gorgeous example of just what I'm talking about--I may have to post your photo over my mirror!
And Monica, unveiling is an apt phrase--it's my theme for this year, and for the women's retreat I'm leading in June. Thank you for your support.

Roberta Raye

Hi Pamela,
thanks for this lovely article. In my book, Open With Love, the mentor character is a beautiful white-haired Elder, who loves all things about her aging body. I wrote her to inspire my journey there. Living in Los Angeles, you almost never see anyone with their real hair color. SInce I've allowed mine to show, I get tons of compliments. I hope to be changing the mold.

It's up to Spirited Women to be the models of what's possible. Invisible is an attitude, I hope. May your 70s and 80s be bold and vivacious! Hooray for you!

Monica Lynn Rivas Demattei

Hi Pam,

I love your article! There is no reason why our elders need to become invisible. Your proclamation may help other women to unveil themselves of the "glamour" of "looking young" and perhaps help even more others to be a little relieved from their fear of aging.

I celebrate you and your 70 years!


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