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March 19, 2014


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Roberta Raye

Hooray, Beryl, for your persistence in logging in to post (I actually struggled with that myself the first few times I went to do it, so I know!) ANd thank you especially for the lovely imagery, which allowed me to feel as if I were one of your friends, sharing the natural beauty with you.

Beryl Singleton Bissell

I love your suggestions for overcoming our hardwired resistance to exercise. I've often scolded myself for my aversion for the treadmill-- well, actually an aversion to any form of indoor exercise save yoga, which I do faithfully with a bunch of other women. The out-of-doors and I have a glorious affinity -- walking, hiking, swimming, biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing. I often have to do these on my own as I live in a remote area, but having even one other person with me makes the experience special . . . probably because our natural tendency is to want to share beauty with others -- that apricot sunrise, the sighing of the pines, the violet tint sunset casts across the snow, the song of the winter wren.

By the way, I've often tried to make comments but never seemed able to sign in through my usual social sites. Today, voila, persistence paid off!

Roberta Raye

Thank you, Lyn.It is really true that women are unlike men in our relationship to our bodies and it is so important that we honor that fact when we exercise, as in every other way! Your Lotus Project is intriguing as well! Keep up the good work.

Lyn Stankavage Hicks

Oh so wonderful an article! I have been blogging and sharing health and beauty with woman for 4 years now based on ancient feminine cultures and truly our ways of beauty and health are unlike men as all other ways we have. It is so important for woman to enjoy their work out and movement of their bodies so they get into oxytocin of the parasympathetic nervous system. Truly walking and chatting with a friend does that as well as balance them emotionally! We are to be more flowing and graceful to support our health. So wonderful to see another sharing such brilliance on our movements and ways on our sacred body. My book shares this as well, The Lotus Project, The art of being a woman. Thank you for putting this out there to support woman in health!

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