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October 28, 2012


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These are some guidelines I follow..
Perseverance conquers all
Never lose hope.
Follow your dreams.
You need luck and God's grace
Keep learning
Disappointments are part of life
Career disappointment is very transient - what is important is family health and togetherness
Never lose an opportunity to be of service to others - acts of random kindness
Ego should be put in the back burner
Be positive - Dont wallow in self pity


Thanks, Maureen!
I needed to read these words today. I was wondering why I don't handle disappointment better, given the fact that I've had so much...but I'm looking at it backwards. I need to learn to deal with set-backs before I can expect to see fewer in my life. Old patterns and habits are hard to break, but not impossible. I wish you all the best in your life and will work on improving mine day by day.

Susan Roth


I think we are twins! I say the same thing...except then I reward myself for trying and everything is alright again....chocolate, anyone?

Devon Ellington

I think you have to be careful of that slippery slope of passivity. Yes, you're disappointed. Yes, learn from it. But unless you take positive ACTION to make the changes in your life in order to grow from the experience, all you do is wallow and remain a victim.

I own the feeling, and then I try to step back. How important was this event REALLY? Where does it fit into my overall vision of life?

I'm really tired of people saying, "there, there, lower your expectations." Bull pucky. Strive for what you want. When you're disappointed, step back, learn, and then approach it from another way. Or, if you find that your desire/expectation has more to do with ego than with something that has real value in your life, LET IT GO.

But don't lower the bar. We should always be striving and growing.

We have the control over our own reality. IF we chose to have it.

Susan Duval

Great post, Maureen!! Attitude is everything!

Jeffrey Levine

Very nicely put. It's quite often that our expectations don't exactly fit our reality. One of my favorite sayings about this is: "I didnt fail. I successfully found another way that doesnt work."
Thank you for an inspiring post.

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