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January 05, 2012


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Karen Loethen

Your niece Mindee gave me a link to your blog post after I posted this one on mine: http://taytayhser.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/pms.html

Thank you for your openness. I seek openness in every way!

Peace, Karen

Kathy Hamas

I was given up for adoption in 1946, and was raised by parents who let me know I was adopted. They were good to me, the loved me, and they were honest. As I grew older and realized the implications of my "situation" I felt abandoned (how could anyone love me if even my mother didn't want me?). When I was 16 I read an open letter from a mother who gave her daughter up for adoption, along with her reasons. I knew I wasn't her daughter (there was a two year age difference). For the first time in my young life I knew the feeling of being wanted. This woman explained her torture in having to give up her baby because of the social implications that would be imposed on the child. She loved her baby so very much that she wanted to give her a "fresh start" even if it meant her heart would break. I have love and respect for my mother, and I will pray that someday you find your daughter, and she had the same fortunate experience I had to know that she was loved beyond measure. God bless you.

Mindee Gonzalez

As I read your story I could feel the shame you felt then, the judgement and coldness of the nuns and the regret you felt. Horrible!!! What a terrible thing for a young girl to go through.
I hope one day you might find your daughter, but more importantly, I am happy for you that you found peace. Your "angels" remind us that there is a lot of love and caring in our world. Many of us choose to turn way from that love and focus on the negatives in our lives. You clearly are not one of those people. You are an inspiration!
I can't wait to go back and read your previous blogs.

Kathie Turke

Mary Rose Betten's testimony tugs at my heart strings. The maturity and depth of her spiritual and emotional growth is inspirational to those that are faced with life choices. May her example provide wisdom and motivation to others as they search for direction and healing.

Barbara Force

Dear Mary Rose, you keep twisting our heartstrings
then making us laugh, then cry. I look forward to
more writing-it is so honest and poignant.

Melinda Palacio

Continue with your spirited work Mary Rose.

Mary Johnson

"Reach out. Improbable as it may be, whatever question, angels await, in the spirit of other caring women. Believe." Amen! I can testify to that!

Colleen Janssen

Oops, my mistake, I should have said that she is speaking at the Women's Artistic Network meeting on Monday, January 9, 2012.

Sally Evans

Angels come in many forms and costumes, some even as babies or old men. Mary Rose reminds us to be open to the angels all around us who can help us and protect us. Thanks, Mary, for your life lived with open eyes.

Barbara Abercrombie

Mary Rose is a wonderful writer! Keep her posts coming.
Barbara Abercrombie

maureen mccobb

Wow! What inspired writing - I was instantly drawn in and couldn't stop reading even though it was a busy morning for me. I look forward with great anticipation for more dynamic writing from this talented woman. Maureen Kelly McCobb

Lynn Dempsey

The overdose of castor oil.....this brings up the black memory of a sister at a Catholic adoption home in Texas from which we adopted our daughter, commenting that no anaesthetics were given to the young mothers during labor so they would "remember." As if the horrendous separation from her baby is not a sufficient searing scar for the birth mother.
Only God can "balance" the joy of a life given against the pain of separation that a mother carries throughout life and the child's confusion of seeking for that birth mother and loyalty to her adopted parents. Bless you Mary Rose for carving this experience into our hearts.
Lynn Dempsey

Ann Sields

MaryRoseBetten has the wonderful talent of making you laugh and cry, feel empathy and nurtured. Loved reading this post, as I have all her other writings. Keep on going Mary, love...AnnShields

Ray Malus

Mary Rose will be speaking at our California Writers Club, San Fernando meeting
this Saturday. Her talk, "Reading Your Work Aloud," will be from 2-3 PM at the
Motion Picture and Television Foundation Home in Woodland Hills at 23388
Mulholland Drive in the Villa Katzenberg room. Guests are welcome. The meeting
starts at 1 PM with Open Mike and Bus. Mtg. and Mary Rose speaks and works with
members of the audience at the mike at 2:00PM till 3:00pm

Colleen Janssen

Mary Rose Betten will be speaking on September 9, 2012, at the Women's Artistic Network in Simi Valley, CA. I am looking forward to hearing her wisdom on writing and reading for an audience. Her talent in these areas is obvious, and I expect she will share her helpful hints with others who aspire to the level she has reached as an artistic personality.

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