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December 22, 2011


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Mary, I just found your writing and love your stories. After your husband left did you reconcile with your daughter now that you were rid of him too? I am so glad you found your way to a better life and can now do what you want and write to Santa. Hope things have worked out for you and as you adjust to your new life with no obstacles.

Mindee Gonzalez

Go to those who know you to lead you back to who you are....wow! How incredibly insightful! Your courage and honestly is just remarkable and we all receive a gift from your bravery. You remind us to live out loud and out of the shadows.
Be authentic, be yourself. That is enough. If we all really believed that from the time we believed in Santa how much simpler and more enjoyable would our lives be? Thanks for reminding us, Hoping to read more from you. You really are a gifted writer.

Marilyn Stacy

Reading this reminded me of the best gifts we can give and receive. Mary Rose's nieces gave her the gift of their memories of her and their love, and M.R. gave us all the gift of her honesty in sharing this story. When you let others see the "real" you, and they love you because--or despite it, you're a real success. You're still the loving, fun gal you were %^&(+ years ago at N.D. that we all loved. Keep writing, laughing and loving.
Can't wait to see what's next.

patricia dreyfus

Lovely Mary Rose, We spent time together at the Ghost Ranch...I love your humor and vulnerability...you are a gift to all who meet you. Let old what's his face call the pope and try to explain how 41 years can be annulled. You will grow and prosper and be loved, and are loved. Karma! Patricia Dreyfus

Allison Blankenship

Mary Rose, kudos to you for finding your spirit and sharing it with us -- hey, you've got amazing table conversation topics for the next 25 years...Thanks for being an inspiration!

Marilyn Miller

Delightful Mary Rose, Sounds like you lost your guy and gained your "girl". What a wonderful, joyful spirit you have. Thanks for passing it on to us; I feel blessed. Kathy Long read your post on The Spirited Woman.
I used to belong to the Women's Artistic Network, and lost track of their meetings. I would love to know of this group again. If you would, please forward contact info to me, RevMarilyn@OracleOfOjai.com

Davina Rubin

I love the idea of annulling a 41-year marriage. But who would want to marry a guy who's so inexperienced? Truly, your humor and willingness to share your story with all of us is a blessing - thanks so much. As for "being yourself" - I think someone once said that it's the best thing to be, because you're the only expert for it. Finding out who you are without your story is a trip in itself.
Happy, Merry, Joyous -


Be myself? What a novel idea. With all the commercialism and buying and spending for things we don't need...this is a wonderful word of wisdom for the season. I'm so glad you asked Santa for help. It's alway good to ask loving people for help, even if they aren't real apparently! May your Christmas with your cat be merry and bright!

Mary Johnson

A letter to Santa at 75? Absolutely, if it brings you close to those you love, and close to yourself! Sage advice served with humor--I love it!

Barbara Legan

Mary Rose, Thank you so much for this letter! Wonderful advice! Your humor, spirit and courage in taking on a new life are inspiring! Thank you for your inspiration - for living from your heart - for forging ahead even when faced with a forest of trees ;-) Here's to new beginnings, tremendous opportunities, the many blessings of loss and returning to joy, and to YOU! Blessings to you for the holiday season, and for your bright future!

Val@Holistic MindBody Healing

I love this - write a letter to Santa. We 'grownups' could use a little childlike innocence and belief that there is someone out there waiting to fill our list sometimes. Just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you for sharing. I know from personal experience that even though you share this story in a humorous way, when you are numb with disbelief that this person is actually behaving in a way that makes you question whether or not you actually ever knew or liked them, it hurts.

Sally Evans

Sweet Mary Rose, thank you so much for your heart searing letter with sage advice for all of us to reach down deep to find our true gifted self. We admire your courage and determination to overcome and persevere. I predict that you will have the "time of your life" in the year ahead. Blossom into who you are meant to be. The angels are with you.

cheryl rigler

If and when you get ahold of the Pope I would love to hear his opinion...
You are so loved and deeply cherished for all memories that can never be erased from our hearts.
May you experience only Blessed peace this holiday season knowing the best is yet to be yours in 2012. You are in my prayers.
Love to My Favorite Aunt

Linda Betten Sidor

Wonderful Aunt Mary......pretty big girl to call you Aunt :) Merry Christmas....may it be the best ever, starting over is an adventure!
Love, Linda

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