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December 29, 2011


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retirement communities Long Island

It never fails to amaze me how Ms. Rose is able to write about her personal dwellings and still be humorous about it.

Mindee Gonzalez

The humorous style in which you have conveyed your recent transitions, many of which are so painful, makes your readers cheer for you. Please keep writing. A voice with your wit and wisdom needs to continue to be heard! You remind us that humor is healing and that change need not be feared. It can open us up to wonderful new possiblilties. Thank you!!

Gladstone B

Hi Mary Rose,

I am a librarian at your local library. Please email me when you get a chance. We would love for you to participate in the library's author series.

Thank you,



Pat Lyons

Actually, to be "not dead" and "not famous" is a situation devoutly to be wished for! The first offers hope; the second comforts us that not too many are observing as we continue to fall on our face.

Marilyn Miller

Now I place your name, Mary Rose. What a fabulous writer you are. You must have someone good managing your blog & other internet functions if you don't do them yourself. I'm struggling with it now myself.

I am a Religious Science Minister and am on the staff of the Ojai church. I used to live in Somis.

Happy New Year.

Linda B.

Mary Rose, you have written about a most discouraging time in your life with veracity and good humor. What an inspiration that the many patrons of your local library have greatly benefitted from your generosity! Keep writing!


Ha! That is a great story. I love your capacity to adapt and enter into this new world of another way to use words to communicate without the wallpaper background. Next time I pick up a book, I'll think of you in your writer's cottage and savory it with a bit more respect!


Mary Rose, you inspire me with your heartfelt words and your perseverance...the irony is spectacular! And, thank you for sharing your books with your local library. I am a grateful user of the library system in my hometown and it's opened me up to so many new authors.

Sonia Sharp

I love that Mary Rose writes from her heart. She speaks both humorously and painfully of her "Aha" moments. I appreciate that through her writing she is open to sharing her life's journey. Her blog reminds me that its not about reaching the destination but the journey. Bravo Mary Rose!

Barbara Force

This article, so brilliantly and wittily written, made me stop and think and look at all of my books. Why not share them? What a freeing way to start this new
year and the new branch of your life-path journey. Please keep writing and encouraging all of us with your

Marion Schillo

Your chance encounter with the librarian reminds me of a C.S.Lewis quote (from Letters to Malcolm)--"The objects around me, and my idea of me, will deceive if taken at face value. But they are momentous if taken as the end products of divine action . . .They are not ultimate realities but conductors . . .the bush is burning now."
Mary, your vivid writing puts me right in the scene with you. Thank you!

Sally Evans

Mary Rose has the talent and courage to transfer hurt into humor, and hopefully show us the way to reframe and redefine the events of our life. Thanks, Mary Rose.

Nancy Moody

I read this on New Year's Day and it made me stop and think Where am I going in this New Year of Life. We really are ageless if we keep living and have our health. Wonderful story and time that I started getting rid of things!

Marilyn Stacy

You and Mark Twain! What a pair! Both witty, both writers, and both prematurely thought gone before your time. Wonder who was more shocked--you or the librarian. Were you surprised to hear you were a famous poetess? I love that you used this incident to trigger further movement on your latest path. Remember wei ji, Chinese term for crisis...made up of two symbols, those for danger and opportunity. You've used your crisis to find new opportunity in your life, and to share it with others.

Hildy B

Beautifully said. The agony and the ultimate joy of your difficult journey touch my soul deeply. Persevere and DON'T STOP your writing.


It has been said, often, that it is a good exercise in living well to take a moment and write one's own obituary, that notion of taking stock. I think the books we chose to put on our shelves tells our life story in so many ways - to have to whittle down a life's collection of books to those that we simply could not face the day without, the title on the spine facing us as we sip morning coffee, is a way to consider the journey we've taken, and to share that journey through the donation. And yet, visiting rights on the computer! Looking things up without the attachment of a monetary commitment - a whole new phase in Mary Rose's life, and isn't that what keeps us young, changing and challenging and accepting! Bravo!!!

Laura Pitten

How very poignant.
She mourns the relinquishment of her treasured books, only to learn that "letting go" opened both her books and herself to so many. Mary Rose's writings speak from the heart. What a Gift!

Lynne Lemon

a poignant, thought-provoking tale presented with a delightful sprinkling of humor and good spirit....thank you, Mary Rose!

allyson aabram

Savor this read.. it is a candid account of an epiphany.

Beautifully and powerfully told!

I left feeling truimphant for Mary Rose.

The Bird

What a thought-provoking tale....Kept thinking how she lives on (even if she's not really dead) as all those books went back out into the world to enrich many lives, other seekers for kindred souls. Also the thought kept wafting through that meeting the Librarian fellow was a reminder of the value of human interaction.... not only with him, but through the serendipitous happenings if she leaves her computer and other techy stuff, and partakes of human exchange. We've become so isolated through our machines, we've lost the richness of human sharing. Good, challenging piece.....Thank you for your visiting blogger.

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