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March 15, 2011


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Joy Krauthammer

Dear "Bright and Beautiful" one, Mingmei,

Viewing your website for first time, I see your passion in Chinese culture. Hours before reading your site and learning about you, I made reservations at the LA Getty Center to see a 1935 Chinese film, "Scenes of City Life", Sunday April 17, 2011, 2 pm. Maybe you and other Spirited Women can join me there. In addition, I plan same day to view the Getty temporary exhibit, Photography from the New China.

Movie sounds wonderful: "Never before shown outside China, director Yuan Muzhi's innovative fantasy uses live action, still photographs, animation, and even a peep show to depict the love triangle between a pawnshop owner's daughter and two young men in the bustling metropolis of 1930s Shanghai. China's first musical comedy, this landmark film features Chairman Mao's last wife, who went by the screen name of Lan Ping, in one of her earliest screen roles."

I loved exploring the ARTS in China when I visited. Not speaking Chinese, like a "spirited woman", I would ride a bus to end of route, exit and explore. I loved dancing in the park in early morning with the natives, and walking the dark alleys at night filled with vendors of strange things.

When I met my friend Meiming and her younger sister, Leiming, in 1959 in Queens, their father worked for the UN.

BlesSings for expansion and renewed memories and friendships,
Joy Krauthammer

mingmei yip


I think your daughter made the right choice. Dance is one of my dreams, but how many people can make it? Especially if you don't have the right "look" or physique. So being a writer or artist is more "democratic." Good luck to her journalism career!

mingmei yip

Thanks for the comment Joy!
I like when you said "my hands move drum beats in ways with the Light, that I don't know" That's so true about accomplished artists who enjoy and are so passionate about their art that they're oblivious of anything else. Believe me, I can "see" the aura and "light" -- that "translucent quality" around them during performances.

You may try to track down Meiming on FB.
In Chinese, "ming" means bright and "Mei" means beautiful. So your friend is "beautiful and bright" and I'm the opposite.Good luck!

Joy Krauthammer

Dear MIngmei,

I have absolute chills reading the last line. From the dancer's descent into hell, she made her way back! AMAYN!

As a performing spiritual percussionist, I don't "plan my gestures and movements" as did the ballerina, Gelsey Kirkland, but reading about “that translucent quality” helps me to understand what the meaning is behind what a congregation member said to me about my drumming. The woman unknown to me said that I "made drumming look easy".

I am trained, but I am played by the Divine One and my hands move drum beats in ways with the Light, that I don't know. Same for when I dance; and I am always in awe of being drummed and being danced.

I wouldn't see the Swan movie because of the darkness in it, but I appreciate your writing on the Black Swan and the ballerina, and giving me the light to view myself.

BlesSings for joy, truth and translucency,
Joy Krauthammer

When I was 12 years (over 50 years ago in Queens, NY), my best friend was MEIMING. I wish I knew today where Meiming Hseuh is.) It makes me happy to write to a Mingmei.

David Reader

Hi Mingmei,
I am familar with ms Kirkland's story. As always you have amazing stories to tell. My daughter started dance classes at the age of three. She didn't do ballet; but she did do more more modern style dancing. In high school she became dance captain of the dance team and performed during various
sporting events. In college she decided a dancer's life was too short. So she changed her major to journalism.



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