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February 03, 2011


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mingmei yip

Mino, I completely agree with you about childhood memories - my next blog will tell how my mother raised me.

Shandel, Of course I'm sure that Chua loves her children, that's why I think the strictness is more a publicity gimmick.



Maybe children do better with Tiger Moms and maybe they are affectionate with their children......what I worry about is their kid's childhood memories. My most playful parts of adulthood are related to my free spirited childhood. Play dates, jumping in mud puddles, rolling in tall grass, climbing trees, eating too many cherries, and so much more. I would not want to trade all that in for 3 hour piano classes and an awesome report cards.

mingmei yip

Thanks Aayla and Annie!

Annie, my next blog will be about how my tiger mother taught me in a completely different way from Chua's.


I need to read this book-it sounds very interesting. From what I understand, though, Chua is NOT telling people HOW to raise their children, she is explaining the way that SHE did so. And I do not get the sense from interviews and reviews that she did not love her children, or show that she didn't. I think that Tiger Mother has been a success and such a media draw, because parents are very concerned with making sure their kids do not lack self-esteem or get bruised egos. As well as being afraid that they are not parenting "correctly". To hear about such a strict household and a mother being so blunt about it can be a shock.

Sherri Rosen

I was with a man for 2 l/2 years who grew up in a Thai family with a mother who was what you call "Loufu Na"-tiger woman. She and many in her family were doctors, but from this man shared with me, there was no love nor kindness coming from this woman when he was growing up. She wasn't there physically nor emotionally there for him. He is what he calls a "dutiful son", but there is no joy or love that is within their relationship.

He is now studying to become a doctor. A high price has been paid. Is it worth it? You be the judge.


Thanks Mingmei! As a mother and teacher, I have learned that the worst thing a parent or teacher can do is to assume that one style of parenting or teaching will work the same for every child.

Aayla Avalon

I find all your posts so interesting as they are a window into a life and culture so different from mine.

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