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February 14, 2011


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Dawn Bournand

What a fabulous message Diana! Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us all that having a dream is so very important and that you should never give up since all things truly do come in their perfect time!

Marion Cuba

Thank you, Janie. You have affirmed what I have done with my writing for about 25 years. My second novel was "taken by" a major publisher--if I'd do rewrites. Ecstatic, I made them, based on their suggestions (though I didn't agree.) When I resubmitted the changed manuscript, they didn't like their idea after all. Wanted me to make more changes. It seemed crazy to some people that I refused. Tying up my book for who-knows-how-long was not for me.

Finally, I got excited about a new topic and labored over my now-published book. It took more years to write. And more years to try getting a publisher.

Since my background was in advertising and promotion writing, I decided to self-publish. At that time it felt "less-than" to do this. Now even established, published authors self-publish.

I went on to publicize my book, obtain reviews, get speaking engagements, read in bookstores, host book clubs, and even got a TV interview.

I could not--would not--give up. I believed in my book and actually, even reading it now some days, I pinch myself: Did I really do that? Yes, I did.

And I'm hard at work on the next one. I realize, you have to keep the fire going!

Marion Cuba

Diana Rubino

Thanks Joni, and all, yes, the sure way to fail is to give up!
And--one of my fav quotes--"I can't give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure--try to please everybody."

Kari Thomas

Very encouraging, inspiring story! I was always told "Nothing beats a TRY but a failure" and that failures only meant it didnt work THAT time and to TRY again!

hugs, Kari Thomas

Joan Boera

nice, Dee. I wholeheartedly agree.

Diana Rubino

Thanks, Janie!

Cara Marsi

Good for you. I agree, what an inspiring story. When I first starting writing, I read something that has stayed with me: Writers who give up never publish. That's been my mantra, and it's definitely yours. Congratulations!

Janie Emaus

What an inspiring story!

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