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January 21, 2011


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Marilyn Brant

Edie, thank you for what you said about my books (and you already know I'm a fan of yours -- I loved CATTITUDE!), and I always appreciate hearing about new authors. I've never read Dana Taylor, but I really liked your description of Devil Moon. Must check it out ;).

Edie Ramer

I read mostly happy endings, even in mysteries. If the mystery is unsolved (which is the HEA of a mystery), I'll be unhappy. I love romance, and even in more commercial books, I like endings that have hope.

To answer your question, of course I love your books and I'm eager for the next one. I recently read Devil Moon: A Mystic Romance by Dana Taylor. It's Southern WF with mystical elements, and it reminded me of Sarah Addison Allen's books. It's an ebook, and I've been recommending it to my friends.

Marilyn Brant

Hi, Lydia!! It's wonderful to see you here ;). And thank you for sharing your insights because I know you read so much and across multiple genres!! I love reading stories where I feel I grew and gained a clearer perspective right along with the main characters, and I'm always hoping that the story will end optimistically -- even if it's not a romantic fairy tale. With romances, I count on those happily-ever-afters, though, too, and love hearing about great real-life romances from couple who've been together for decades...


I LOVE this post - thanks Marilyn! I'm not a huge romance genre reader, but when I do pick one up it's because I'm counting on that happy ending for whatever reason, whether it be work stress, relationship problems or just an escape from real life. I also agree that the relationships in novels, though fictitious, are often relevant to real life in their struggles, issues, and hopefully also in their triumphs. thanks for sharing!

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