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November 05, 2010


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Marilyn Brant

Victoria, that's so interesting that you find women who are unaware that their fantasizing! What a powerful thing it must be for them when they begin to recognize it. I do think that we can learn a lot about ourselves by understanding our fantasies -- not necessarily to act on them but as another path toward self knowledge and, as you said, to fuel creativity. Great point!

Michelle, I absolutely agree :). It's so important to recognize that line between reality and fantasy. I think the more people come to accept that fantasizing is a normal thing, the easier it is to keep it in it's place and not act irrationally or put a good relationship in jeopardy because of it. And I do think our fantasies -- if we analyze them -- give us clues as to what we'd like to see more of in our relationships. (Not only in a romantic sense, btw, but also in the scenarios we daydream about as far as work situations or with friends and family.)


Fantasies are good as long as you realize that this is all that you are doing and don't take them seriously. My fiance and I BOTH TELL each other who we are attracted to and I think that most people are fans of people in mainstream but realize that line between reality and fantasy.

Victoria S

Here, here Marilyn! In my work as a pleasure coach (somatic sex educator), I find that women are often completely unaware that they fantasize. I think there's a multi-layer censorship mode (cultural, societal, familial, etc.) that gets activated in to edit out these delicious thoughts. Delicious thoughts increase vibrating sexual energy in the body. Vibrating sexual energy increases confidence, creativity and a sense of being alive. It all begins with a simple act of self-permission. (For clarity: I am not suggesting these thoughts turn into impulses, although that's a personal choice.)

Marilyn Brant

LOL, Edie! I love Superman :). When I was doing research for Friday Mornings at Nine, I was trying to figure out how much info I could uncover by Googling someone (since one of my characters did it to find out more about her ex). So, I looked up a few people from my past and was surprised by how many details I came across online! But one of them -- someone with a fairly common name -- was a lot harder to track down than the others...so I know what you mean!

Edie Ramer

Do comics count as literary? How about Superman, Clark Kent and Lois?

I think most people once in a while think about old boyfriends/lovers. Some of them might even google them, and then find out they had a name more common than you realized. Not that I'm talking about myself, of course.

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