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October 01, 2010


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Shiloh Sophia

Thank you Nanette and thank you for being a creativity coach - the more we create and share creativity, the more creative beings will be able to take over the world (laughter). Honestly though, I think creativity is at the heart of the solution for everything - am I bias? Yes of course, I am in my studio right now painting -

Intentional creativity to me means just what is says - that when we create we put our hearts and our intentions and our prayers into it. Next stroke I make, will be for you Sally and Nancy!

Nanette Saylor

Shiloh- I love your description of visionaries as those who see the spaces between the spaces. Perfectly said.
And I want to hear more about the "intentional creativity movement". As a Creativity Coach I am so pleased to see expanding conversation about the value of creativity in many realms. The idea of Intentional Creativity is a powerful force. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Shiloh Sophia

Thanks Sally! I was just saying yesterday how I haven't had a television since I was ten years old - and there has to be some big reason why I am so unreasonable in the right ways. I have learned to try hard to listen to my own voices instead of the ones who tell me what I should be doing.

YES I do believe life is an adventure worth taking, my mom always said, 'life is a great adventure' during the hardest times of our lives. Thanks for "GETTING IT". Taking risks is hard, but a celebration once we make the move....here's a toast to being wild about what we love!!! (imagine me raising my teacup to you!)

Sally Franz


I love the concept of being unreasonable! How hard that is for kids who know early that life is a joy-ride to everywhere! Especially if the family they are born to thinks they need to stop dreaming and watch some more TV.

Let us all endeavor to let the word out. Life is an adventure worth taking. And yes, the more unreasonable the better!

Sally Franz
Author, "Scrambled Leggs"

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