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October 29, 2010


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Marilyn Brant

Caryn, I definitely experienced something similar after my son was born. Being naturally introverted, I didn't have trouble spending hours alone but, as a new mom, I had tons of questions about being a first-time parent. I found I needed people who "just understood" more than ever then... Glad you have such a supportive group of friends beside you now!!

Caryn Caldwell

I so agree with you on this. After I became a stay-at-home mom I went through a depression that had nothing to do with post-pregnancy hormones. Turned out I was really lonely since I didn't see my work friends every day, and many of my friends (work or otherwise) were intimidated by my having a baby when they didn't. It took effort, especially since I'm an introvert, but I found people to spend time with and am much happier. Now if I don't get out enough my husband makes me go so I won't be crabby. I don't think he understands entirely, but then, I think women often tend to be more sociable creatures. Plus he works full time so he can socialize there.

Marilyn Brant

Catherine, I loved the way you phrased it: "girlfriend time" is "therapy time" -- so true!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Vesper, I wish we lived near enough to sit down for a cup of coffee or tea together... Your posts and poems are always food for thought for me ;).


Marilyn, I guess, yes, I am an "independent sort or an introvert" but your post got me thinking... Thanks! :-)

Catherine Yesayan

3 Cheers to a girlfriend who has addressed a simple but imoportant issue. Yes, it is already proven that "girlfriend time" is "therapy time" I enjoyed reading the vignette.

Marilyn Brant

Edie, I have no doubt that you've got a terrific bunch of friends around you because YOU are so incredibly supportive and encouraging yourself! I'm so grateful for your friendship and kindness. I'll bet your formal (and informal!) chapter meetings are a lot of fun. ;)

Edie Ramer

Now I'm hungry for a bear claw. Thanks, Marilyn. lol

I have so many women friends. Many are online but I have a few offline who get me. My chapter meets once a month, but lately some of us meet a 2nd time every month at someone's house. No programs, just talk and even "writing time." It's bringing us closer together, and I love it.

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