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March 18, 2010


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Vickie, I want to thank-you for your honesty and say congratulations! for being able to finally accept the REAL you! I too struggled through my life tring to identify and find myself. I spent most of my life trying to make people happy, what I found out I couldn't MAKE people anything and most of my efforts were sadly misinterpreted. Now I am sure that I must make myself HAPPY and be myUNIQUEself!

Real Beauty Jude

What a great reminder for all of us to love the one we are with (ourselves) first! Love the grey hair as it arrives-it's platinum! Our eyesight gets a little fuzzier for a reason- so that when were are looking for the girl in her twenties in the mirror we see the woman and all of her experiences that make her the beautiful unique spirited woman she is!


I tried so hard for too many years to be little miss perfect. It was only when I burned all my bridges and started a new life that I walked back into the me I was always meant to be-if you can't love the moody,diorganized,creatively messey me than you don't love me

Jennifer Ludes

I wanted to be that girl, too. I thought. Just took me 40-something years to figure it out and do something about it. Imagine if we would all just be ourselves? Wonderful message.

Susan Roth

In high school, I always thought that when you marched to the beat of a different drummer, you paid the price by not being more popular, and was never at the table with the Cheerleaders and Football players, and I did not worry about it. However, years later I learned that many of them knew who I was, and liked the art work that I did in classes. I was just to oblivious to notice.

Judi Koubsky

Such a great message told in a light-hearted way. Keep it up - you are a treasure!

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