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February 12, 2010


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Mark Goff

oops... thats "butt" not but... damn yahoo men who can't spell!!


Mark Goff

Miss Donna
You go girl!
I don't want to throw a wrench into all the ladies fun here... but don't forget the guys! We live with the same dreams and not all of us are tool belt wearin, but crack showin, yahoos!
All our love and we can't believe you are 65!
Mark and Phillip

June Zibnack

My Very Special & Precious Long Time Friend Donna

When I first met you in the early 80's(good old Kiely Blvd Apts) I knew right then what a wonderful human being you were and here we are 30 years into our friendship and every time we get together the warmth from your heart & soul, your smile & laughter from deep within lift my spirits and fill my heart with the true meaning of a life time sisterhood friendship. Donna, your love for life, talent's & laughter we haved shared through the years I treasure and wish you continued success in your business and the "Spirited Heart" award from my heart.

Love June

Fran Post

Let's see how can I word this?, without sounding partial too or just so proud of my sister...Donna Collins.
OH H---, here goes!
She has more dreams, talent, drive, conviction, and energy than any spirited woman I know.
She has been drawing and painting since I can remember.
Donna's heart is as warm as the sun, her spirit as strong as the wind, her vioce is as soft as a gentle rain, and her dreams are more than there are stars in the sky.
Well done Sis, to say the least, I am very PROUD of you.

Love you always, Francie

Shirley Smith

Hi Donna, (my sister), you are truly unique in every way. I admire your footsteps in all that you do. You do it with passion and love of what you do. Dreams can and do come true.
Love you, your sister Shirley Smith


you have been a very wonderful person even though we haven't met yet... with your kindness and patience, i know that someday you will be able to achieve your greatest dream... very nice blog and i am inspired by it... thank you for sharing this with me...

Karen Drayne

Thank you Donna, your words here and your designs come straight from your heart!

You have an infectious spirit which has definitely infected mine!

Forever Greatful, Karen Drayne

Lou Ella Thurman Dolloff

Donna, how wonderful that you are recognized for your boundless creativity and beautiful Spirit. I know I'm one of literally several thousand customers and admirers who miss your Henrietta Hen's country store in Saratoga every day. It was such a loss for our town when you left!

You are a true inspiration as well as one of the truly exceptional beautiful, kind-hearted and caring Women in the World!

Thank you!! Lou Ella Thurman Dolloff

MiChelle Jeneen

Thank you Donna. Dreams are little pieces of our soul...waiting to be watered, loved and harvested into full bloom. As we women watch time pass, I think many believe their ship has already sailed. I believe if there is air in your lungs, there's still time to bloom and dream big for yourself! Great post. ~MiChelle Jeneen

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