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December 02, 2009


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Kathryn Levenson

I worked in the modeling and cosmetic biz once upon a time. How frustrating to be told that they are expanding the range of body types, then be told to "lose 10 pounds" for an upcoming swimsuit shoot. At that time I weighed about 40+ pounds less than I do now, maintained by two meals of slim fast and 1/2 a dinner per day or a large salad and a pint of Ben and Jerry's for dinner. And a minimum of two workouts per day. Now in my 50's, I jog a couple times a weeks, do a few crunches, and even though I would like to weigh less, it obviously isn't so much of a priority that I obsess on it. I do feel bad when I hear my 9 year old daughter say that someone told her she is fat when she is beautiful and really is model slim. Girls even younger are now worried about their weight and body image. Look on TV. How many "well rounded" young girls do you see?


Hi Jill,

How frustrating that you can not simply send comments and or questions directly to Dove. Not very customer service oriented.

In my post I praise Dove for their innovative marketing and even more importantly the positive messages that they are sharing with women. I am not a Dove user so unfortunately can't comment on the heavy perfume but I do think you need to share your opinion with them. If they don't hear what they need to fix often enough it will most probably go un-noticed.

Best of luck with your crusade.

To your Fabulous Success,

Jill Booth

Dawn, I agree with your comments but we need to be less gullible and to recognise advertising hype for what it is. Talking of which I followed the Dove link to their sales promotions and was prompted to ask them a question. Oh, no, I have to actually write a letter and post it! Too much bother (now there's another topic for you!)...maybe they don't really want questions...although I imagine that such a large company would do market research.

What I wanted to ask Dove is whether they have any perfume-free products. Their perfume overload in the products that I have tried is, for me, sickening and I would not buy any more, regardless of to whichever demographic they promote it. Do others feel this way?


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