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October 30, 2009


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Maria DeSimone

Joyce and Jeffrey,

Thank you so much for your kind words of supportand wisdom. As writers, we are definitely kindred spirits. Good luck in your writing journey!


Jeffrey Levine

Thank you for such an open-hearted peek into your journey and dreams. And, I believe that the above comment from Joyce is right on the money. Publishing is changing rapidly - the model of a "publisher" being the gateway is an old paradigm. Much like the music industry, where you dont need a "record deal" to get your music out there anymore, we writers have all the tools at our disposal to 1) make a huge impact on the people who want to read what we have to offer, and 2) make serious money from our writing. So the question for you, I would suggest is, what really is your goal? Impact, money, fame, something else? This will help you figure out next steps. The evolution of our dreams is a wonderous thing to watch. Thank you for sharing yours.

Joyce Mason

Maria, we must be spiritual cousins--both astrologers, both pursuing that publishing dream. Thank you so much for openly sharing the pains and pitfalls of the process. You are wise to remind us how vulnerable we can be when pursuing our passions.

Truth is, I've recently figured out that my delays were divine in publishing my memoir. By blogging for nearly two years to create readership and have a "sidecar" to my book when it's out, I learned that I wasn't focusing my book in the way it would ultimately sell best. I already refocused my blog of the same name (Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights). Next, the book. I've also decided that while I'll give finding an agent one last shot, it will be empowering to
self-publish, if that doesn't happen by the time my "best deal" research is done. The March/April '09 Writers Digest is dedicated to the topic, and I'm reading it like a bible. A good job of self-publishing is becoming a respected and even lucrative option, if you're a good marketer.

One parting thought: As bloggers, we are already published. If you have your own blog or website, you're also a publisher. I got the biggest giggle out of this insight recently. I'm already published in the medium of the future. Many, if not most people get information now from electronic media--and less paper saves the planet, too. By the time I get my first solo book on traditional paper, paper books will almost be a bit passe. We're already part of where publishing is headed.

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