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October 09, 2009


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Florence Friedman

I love the way you can capture a friend's personna. "Dorys is yoga classes," etc. Wish I could do that.

Glory Gallo

Friendship begins with an open heart, right? Not always. Some of the best friendships have been born initially out of adversity. So, I wonder, can a friendship be made out of force or is it a greater Force that sees it through? A plan in the grand scheme of things? We live among strangers that if we made the effort, we could actually have a deeper relationship with. People we exchange good mornings and nice weather comments to suddenly become three dimensional. That woman once had a stromboli company, he sings in a rock band, she recently lost a close friend, too.
Loneliness is a choice. Go ahead and extend your hand. Not everyone will accept it, but those that do will bring joy to your life. May the Force be with you. :-)
(You'll be missed on this blog, Scott!)

Ellyn F

i think TRUE friends are hard to come by-- but when things get tough or hard- thats when you KNOW who your real friedns are.. I cannot say I have had the best experience with wonderful friends. I have been blessed with family..... I can let you know as I grow--how that will change as well---- I have enjoyed your writings very much- THANK YOU Scott- Ellyn


I loved reading about your friends and their positive impact on your life. I think it's a wonderful way to honor them and it was stimulating to read about their diverse and interesting personalities.

We are always told to concentrate on the positive, but, you are one of the few people I know who actually does it with such grace and style.

I wish we could read more of your writing on this site. Your perspective is unique and so refreshing especially during these difficult times. Please post more!



ok, i am biased, but i love this one...you captured lou perfectly!


Another great piece of writing Scott,

Even though I've never met you, it feels like I know you.
Friends indeed inspire us most and I'm blessed with many. You inspired me today to think about what I learn most from each one of them. Not a bad thing to do, as it renews appreciation and makes you remember to not take friendships for granted.

Very much enjoyed your writings and all the comments they provoked. You will be missed on this site.
Wishing you all the best.

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