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September 18, 2009


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Natalie Robbins

Dear Scott:
As I read your article and the words of all those passionate bloggers I said to myself I am devoid of passion and then I realized it wasn't true. In spite of being drained by my caretaking responsibilities I have developed a passion to practice the art of QiCong and Tai Chi. Jackie Chan and Kung Fu movies enthrall me. I am in love with Alan Gilbert and the New York Phiharmonic Orchestra. I guess that makes me alive.

Scott Rozman

Wow - what a phenomenal welcome - thank you so much!!! I am VERY passionate about hearing what other people are passionate about so thanks so much for sharing. If you haven't yet, please let me/us know, "WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT?" Looking forward to the continued dialogue on this inspiring site with such passionate people. Thanks again - keep those comments coming!

Martijn Vugts

Hi Scott,

I really enjoyed reading your post.
I'm passionate about a lot of things in life, my wife and son, friends and family. I'm also passionate about getting a new job in which I can help people. I love to make people smile, and enjoy the little things in life. Good food and drinks are also one of my many favourites.
Enjoying each others company, that's what makes my live a passionate one.


Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts, Scott. I enjoy reading blogs because it is fun to take in a variety of perspectives from different people. I appreciate your heartfelt writing because it goes beyond many blogs and asks us to really look inside ourselves and ask us what we feel passionate about, what gets us up in the morning and fills our day with life. It is so easy to find things to complain about or worry about. Thank you for inspiring us to remember the richness and abundance of living everyday!

Debbie G

Scott- you and I share a real zest for life. I only wish others would get a life awakening as we did and feel the same. I am a mother of a chronically ill child and it's hard to even hear myself when I say that. I can't dwell on it. I have to be positive and wake up each day and be her advocate. Life is not a dress rehearsal, and I want to be the best person I can since I get one shot! I am passionate about living every day to the fullest. I am passionate about my children and my husband of 19 years. I am passionate about my salads as well and about working out.

Ellyn Field

Scott- AMAZING ARTIClE!!! thank you for being so inspiring.... I realized especially THIS year that what I am passionate about is being there for people of tragedy- people that i might NOT know that could really use the support. MOST people wait- until "something" happens to them or people they love -to get involved- and I say- why wait- when its so joyful to help NOW- for no reason- other than your heart needing to do it.....
Through serving others- I find light and love and myself every day-----

Sherry Mills

I'm also passionate about car horns! Feeling the extraordinary symphony of all the fragments of life - beauty derived from them all, not some. I like to say that I cry over spilled milk, not because of the mess, but by how fantastic it looks! Thanks for your empowering words and how you share them, Scott. You're inspiring to me!


Passion, I can’t describe it. Yet, I know I can’t open my mouth because it will spill out of it, sort of like when you’re numbed at the dentist’s office and he asks you to rinse…
I’m passionate about the color red, or better how Rothko paints with it so that it jumps off the canvas and grabs my heart. Even when my heart is weak (or broken), it is always there, making my eyes dance all around it as if trying to understand the feeling it evokes within me.
I read your blog this morning and said to myself, I will create something this weekend.
Thank you Scott.


Wow, this is pretty amazing Scott,

As the only guy to comment (so far), would it be too cliche to say that a big passion of mine is food. You know what they say: "the love of a man goes....." Also passionate about theatre, music, travels, friends, love & life. If you think about it, there's a lot to be grateful for. Thanks for reminding me.

Must admit that you seem to be a guy we can all learn from a lot. Kudos to switching your life around and helping others do the same. Let's face it: if we can't connect to our spirit then what are we doing on this earth?

Yes ladies, there are more spirited men out there...:-)
Thanks for building the bridge Scott. Looking forward to your next blog!

Stephanie Robin

Thank you for sharing such valuable information. I would like to share my passion with you and your readers. My name is Stephanie Robin and I am fighting Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. I was first diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 36. Until cancer touched my life I had never heard of the Breast Cancer (BRCA) gene and had no clue that I was a carrier. I have been sharing my story through my organization, THINK PINK. Each day I am horrified at the number of people I meet who still don’t know that such a gene exists. I am on a mission to share the facts so that my daughter and others have a fighting chance.

I need your help! We’re hosting a charity concert called THINK PINK ROCKS on Oct 3, 2009 in Boca Raton, FL – I’m so excited to see AKON, Melanie Fiona, Shontelle and American Yard! So, if you’re in South Florida I would love to see you. Proceeds will benefit breast cancer charities and research organizations. Buy your tickets at www.thinkpinkrocks.com and while you’re there read the facts about the BRCA gene. You can also click to be counted and acknowledge that you now have the information that could save your life or the life of someone you love. Our goal is to collect one million clicks by Dec. 31, 2009. Share this link with your friends and family. It’s too important not to. Thank you, Stephanie Robin. XOXO

Glory Gallo

Once, many moons ago, a woman I knew was getting married and I said, "You must be so happy!" She looked at me and replied, "I'm content." I remember feeling my heart literally ache for her because "happy" is a wonderful state to be in and if you're not there when you're about to launch a new life with someone, are you ever going to get there? Not to gag anyone reading this, but looking at the bright side, finding the joy in life, tasting happiness in the most unlikely places is infinitely better than being content. It's the base of my passion. That's not saying things can't get ugly sometimes, because, really - they have to. Otherwise how would we know what happiness is?
Thank you, Scott. And welcome!


I'm passionate about beauty. Not the kind of beauty that is shown in magazines, but beauty in life. Meeting special people, making friends all over the world. A beautiful sunset, the sea. But also little things. Having coffee with a friend, buying flowers at the market. And beauty in art. A moving play, a film, or photo's.
One of the most beautiful things are inspiring people. People that make you think, that make you see the world in a different way. I can be passionate about other peoples passion.

Celia Regan

This is a wonderful message, Scott. I recently visited with a friend I hadn't been in touch with for - literally - decades, and we had a great time catching up. So many similar life events: unhappy marriage, divorce, problems with children and parents and our pysches. At one point, though, she said that she was awash in regrets. And I realized that I - incredibly to me - am not. Regret is what keeps us from being the spirited, passionate people our souls cry out for us to be. It's taken me a long time to reach this point, to not let past decisions or events overwhelm the fragility of my growing spirit. My friends have played an immeasurable role in helping me live passionately and with joy. I hope my old friend, too, will come to this moment; perhaps our finding each other right now is part of a larger plan.

Linda Jay Geldens

Hi, Scott, from one of the members of the Spirited Woman Blogger Team, Linda Jay Geldens. When you write about "the melody of a car horn in a traffic jam," I think of a composer I'm crazy about -- George Gershwin -- and one of his masterpieces, American in Paris. I'm crazy about my husband, my friends, jazz, the authors whose book manuscripts I copyedit, travel, French and Italian food, Pinot Grigio, and iridescent hues in the rose-periwinkle blue spectrum. I'm crazy about cats and small dogs, penguins, Northern California, and Ogden Nash poems. Thanks so much for your contribution. I look forward to reading more from you.

Mel Ryane

Congratulations, Scott on reminding me to ruminate on what I'm crazy about.

Many years ago, while in an unhappy marriage, I had an appointment with a new doctor. He asked about my marriage and how it was doing and I could barely answer. He then asked, "Are you crazy about this man?" I whispered, "no."
"Then get out...move on...life's too short."

I was stunned. He was right. I took the prescription of his advice. And now, I always look for what I'm "crazy about" to pursue. Sometimes a great book to read or as you point out: a delicious salad.

Cat Parker

I'm passionate about the current of communication that happens in theatre. It's a strand of information - light, tenuous, flexible, malleable - that begins between a playwright and a pad of paper (or typewriter, computer, whathaveyou) and then morphs when the play is read by a director. It morphs again between director and producer, then director and actor, and back to the play (and the playwright, if available), and then between actor and actor. The circle of strands widen to include designers, assistants, house managers, publicists, and all the folks involved with pulling together a production. Then, finally, the last strand is woven: between the production and the audience. This complete the circle of the strands, making a beautiful web. Of course, it doesn't stop there - as each audience members takes their portion of the web and spins their own as they take the experience with them. That nights web is destroyed at plays end...and yet, the next night, when we have another performance, we "spin" again - another glorious beginning to another unique web.

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