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September 25, 2009


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Jeanie Munning

Scott, this is a wonderful tribute to your Mother. You have a terrific way of telling a story and thoroughly enjoyed reading about this fabulous woman. You are blessed to have such a postive, fun loving and inspirational Mom. Congratulations and Thank You for writing in such a way that made me smile and feel that world is a better place because of her. Now I know where your giggling comes from :-)

Jan Summerhayes

My Mom was great in many ways, but most of all, I could trust her completely. She would give me her opinion, but would trust me if I didn't take it always, and never said "I told you so." She knew me through and through and loved me unconditionally. What is hardest sometimes is thinking "Wait til I tell Mom" just for a fraction of a second and then realizing she is not there to tell anymore.


He Scott, reading your post made me think of my grandmother, who has Alzheimer too, and my mom who takes care of her. Althogh I don't see them that often, I will try and make an effort to do so more, starting now. They're both special ladies and I should tell them that before it's to late! Thank you!

Linda Bergman

You touched all of our hearts, Scott...but I would guess women who have sons are especially touched and grateful. Thank you with love, Linda Bergman

Marlene Moore Gordon

Hi Scott, Thanks for sharing so lovely a tribute to your mom. She is truly an amazing example of living life to the fullest by giving fully to those we love the most. Your story reminds me of my mom, and while she has been gone for almost ten years, so many of the gifts she gave to me live on through me. I can see that your mom's passionate spirit is coming through you to bless an enrich us all!


Scott...what a lovely write up about your Mom. The few opportunities that I had to meet her, I remember her being a "ball of fire" and lots of fun to be around.

I am lucky enough to also have a terrific Mom. My best memories are of how she took care of us growing up when we were sick. Thank goodness we never had anything serious...but you would never know. My Mom would wait on us hand and foot, with tray tables carried into our bedrooms, or whatever room had the TV - filled with all our favorites. And her hugs are the very best. We have been lucky to have her....

Thank you for sharing your intimate memories of your Mom. Your Mom is a very lucky lady - having so many people who love and care about her.

Love ya....Cousin Monica
v b

Ellen Blickman

I hope your tribute reminds readers to see their mothers as people and to take an extra moment to appreciate them, and tell them how much they are loved, while they still can.

Katia de Pena

Scott, how I miss my own mom.
Your story reminds me that any mother's greatest work of art is her children. Your mom shines right through you to the world, and she always will. Like the best gifts, she gets bigger as you give her to the rest of us.


Liesbeth wieberdink

Hi Scott,
Such a nice story about your Mom. It made me think about the influence of my Mom on me. i realised that I can make some steps to live up to her. Go on with your contributions on this site!

Sheila Fischweicher

My mom was a lot of fun. She liked to have her whole family around, especially for dinner. She wasn't the best cook but she thought she was. When we visited her and my dad, she would serve the driest meat, but if you commented about it, she would say, "Eat it. I made it just the way you like it." I never saw a person make rice the way she did. She would boil the water, add the rice, let it sit for a while, then strain it! Her cooking was always a secret joke among us kids. My mom loved kids. She had a lot of grandchildren and lavished them all with attention and affection. She helped me raise my two girls to be the bright, compassionate young women they turned out to be. Whenever I think of my mother, I smile.

Lisa Hogan

Hi Scott! Thanks for sharing such an intimate, tender look into your life. I remember meeting your mother and she is a firecracker! :) Vivacious and full of life. I think she brought excitement and love and genuine caring wherever she went. What a gift to offer!

The best thing we all can do is to honor our connections with those who matter most in our lives and do it while they still are around.

I hope you are well! Miss you, my friend! How about some coffee in Hoboken sometime? :)

Natalie Robbins

Your telling of your mother is so vivid. I feel as if I know her. Perhaps when you go to visit you would want to read your tribute to her. The person is always there inside in spite of the disease.

Ellyn Field

THANK YOU for sharing such a beautiful story about your mother. SO many people forget what a person was like after they are diagnosed with Alzheimers. I choose as you do- to remember people healthy.... they way they were... are..
My mother is a very very kind lady.. and took care of her mother and father while they were in there final stages of there lives in her home. My grandmother (her mother) was dx with alzheimers-- so i know what your family is going through. Its a journey-- but one- that you take each day as it comes---
My mom puts her children and grand children abouve everything else.... and loves deeply..
she is the reason why-- i am so loving and warm and open.....
She too gave up a career to raise 3 children while helping my dad to persue his...
having one child-- i can only understand her more---
Its mothers and fathers together that make us who we are......

Maria DeNunzio

My mom was the funniest and most giving person I ever knew. I inherited her quirky sense of humor, as well as her uncanny ability to read a person's character and size them up after only a few minutes of contact. She was my hero, and wish I had appreciated her more fully in my younger days. She and I grew very close in the two years following her diagnosis of cancer, and I remember so vividly the day we sat in the kitchen, chatting idly about the family. She said she was happy we all were doing well - my two older brothers and I - and I expanded on that by saying how we had all achieved success in life - personally, in business, in our relationships - and that it was no accident. She looked puzzled. "Mom, it's because of you we turned out the way we did. It was your influence." Judging by the look on her face, that thought had never occurred to her. It made her happy, it seemed to fill her up. She never considered or understood the impact she had on our lives. It broke my heart.

Oh but was she was truly a force to be reckoned with! And she was my MOM. I was so very proud of her, that 4'9" fireball of a woman, who should have lived longer but for the neglect and ineptitude of her doctors. A breast cancer survivor of more than 25 years, she was taken by lung cancer - she never smoked, not ever - which should have been found years before it took her life.
I rage at the system which looks at elderly women and gives them short shrift, at the incredibly senseless stupidity of it all.

She was my mother, she was a person, she was a vital force who touched so many lives and made them better.

Debbie G

Your mom has always stuck in my head as one of the sweetest most welcoming human beings I had ever met. Any time I came to your house she was so hospitable and friendly. She only wanted people to be comfortable in her home. I must say I was jealous and wished my mom was more like yours. Your family oozed love! My mom was very loving and warm and welcoming as well, but just different. She would do anything for her children, and still would to this day. I think my mom did the best she could. I have learned that we just all have different capacities and capabilities.

Frank DiMauro

I am passionate about learning and creating. I am passionate about
conservation and sustainability. I am passionate about fixing (what other
people would consider) junk. I am passionate about biodiesel and solar energy. I am passionate about acting and making people see the world differently through art. I am passionate about deep conversations and the
inspirational people I can have them with - like you.

Thanks for your insights Scott. You are an amazing man!

Beth Kneller

Scott, this was lovely. Definitely inspiring me to be an even better mom to my teenage son. Hope you are well.


Scott, I've heard so many heartbreaking stories about unhappy and dysfunctional parent-child relationships that yours has brought a huge smile to my face. Your mother is such an inspiration! It has reminded me how very blessed I am also to have a mother who is a supportive, loving and active part of my life. Keep the posts coming!

Lisa Smith

The Rozzzzzz, it's clear your mother is living on through you! What a great post. My mother is also the life of the party, and loves to dance.

Erwin Maas

Hey Scott,

Very proud of you buddy. What a beautiful tribute.
You got many of the amazing traits of your mom which the world really needs today.
You both clearly can make a difference...
Keep 'em coming as I know you'll inspire many.

Cherie Stuntz

Scott -- What a beautiful tribute to your mom! It's particularly inspiring to me as I raise two boys (and two girls, but who's counting?) -- I hope to have at least some of the influence on them that your mother has had on you.

Tracy Schlachter

Scott, this was beautiful! Thank you for sharing it... your mom sounds like a wonderful woman, and she raised a heck of a son :)

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