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August 14, 2009


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Hi Maria et al:

That's a yes. The first point in Archetypal compatibility is are they compatible with the Archetypal Lifestyle: if I was single and dating, I would have birth data and have a look at Birthcards, Synastry & Composite charts prior to the first encounter. Somehow, I don't see that as cut to the chase; rather it precludes or bypasses the game of charades: looks like, er, sounds like, er, feels like. In social settings I already recognize the various sensations of the different Archetypal flavors, so one can get to the deeper, more fun (to me at least) stuff more readily that way, through conversations about Charts & Cards.

Best of to you!

Maria DeSimone

Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments! In the end I couldn't resist - I asked for his birthdate. And now that I'm sure we'll "click" I'm planning to meet him very soon.

It's too difficult for me to avoid using astrology in my every day life. Kind of like trying to write with your left hand when you're right handed. It just doesn't "feel right."

For better or worse, I'm a dating astrologer.



lol....I wouldn't look at the chart until I thought it was getting serious. That way you are not putting up expectations before you have had a chance to get to know the person's personality. But what do I know, I am still single...lol..

Jude Grimm

My vote is both a Yes and a No! I am a Taurus woman that has always been attracted to other Taurus males. Although they have been good people they were not always all good for me. You have a brilliance that can work overtime and I can only imagine how you get the exact locations and times of birth before a date!

Granite, I don't have your wealth of the nuances of every birth-chart like you, that give a very realistic picture of the prospective partner. But I still think that a little something of mystery, magic and plain old common reactions from kids, very mature adults and dogs make a great litmus paper of someone's intentions- be them serious or fleeting. I got the approval of the very mature adults, dogs and kids for the Taurus I married and he has been true to the litmus paper 25 years and counting.

I tend to share the simple explanation of the complimentary element factors of combining birth signs like: air and fire signs. Fire needs are to burn-air likes fire. Fire likes fire signs and air likes more air signs.
Earth and water signs (makes sense) are good for Earth. Earth and more earth signs and or water and more water signs can not only tolerate but understand each-other. So have fun when you date with your radar up listening to all that is important this person. My top 3's were: Humor, respect and love for their Mother and a sense that there was a much bigger force in Life besides themselves. Happy hunting!

Your Jude

Pamela Thomas

I say- hell yes check out his information first!!! It is a tool as well as a gift at your disposal. Why not save yourself a lot of time (not to mention misery) by being safe instead of sorry. Being twice divorced & knowing what I know now, I SHOULD have most definitely checked both of my ex's info out beforehand!!! But being a "typical Pisces" & dreamy about things of that nature,I figured I could "fix" them. WRONG!! Lesson learned I now realize #1. Not my job & #2. I can only fix myself. Use your tools like a wise woman & forge ahead...best wishes to you!!

blaire allison, intuitive heart healer, the love guru

I see nothing wrong with this. The more I learn about Astrology - I do the same thing... I like knowing too.. but with all that said, the most amazing combination can still be a bad match - and I've definitely experienced that more than a few times too! Mix astrology in with manifestation techniques that I teach - and I think you're golden! Let's chat! - and lots of love to you!

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