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May 28, 2009


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Eileen Lebowitz

Sometimes the bond of father son, father, daughter, mother, son or mother, daughter seems broken and we may feel abandoned by our parent. But, there are circumstances that are sometimes beyond our imagination that tear families apart. This is a dedication to all that have lost their way.
You're the son of a soldier, who lost his way.
A young country boy with hopes and dreams gone astray.
He enlisted to serve his country, to protect his family and the right to be free.
He was just a boy and the only guns he knew were the ones that he played with when he played with you.
The only war he ever saw was on the big screen. No way did he ever expect to be starring in a scene.
Trapped in a jungle, living in fear no way in hell could he imagine what he would find here. Never imagining in his lifetime, to survive he would become and killing machine.
Would he ever wake from this dream.
You're the son of a soldier, who lost his way, a young country boy
with hopes and dreams gone astray.
The war not so kind played havoc with his mind.
He was proud to serve,but just the same when he returned home
he was lucky to remember his name.
Finding solace in a bottle of jack, hoping and praying he would never go back.
He survived the ordeal but, never knew where he would get his next meal.
Slowly fading into a world only he knew, no room for anyone in his gloom.
Somewhere out there is man who's name you share,
He is your father and my son and although he's been gone I know he's proud that his name lives on.
Remember your dad is not to blame the war smothered his life's flame.
His photo remains in the crystal picture frame. Kept close to my bed, where I hope and pray. That, one day, one night, someday, someway he will find his way. And once again I will hold him tight.
You're the son of a soldier who lost his way
a young country boy,
with hopes and dreams gone astray.
He would be proud to see you in uniform today, accepting your medal when they announce your name.
My son's young soldier boy is home to stay. God Bless!!!

Jeffrey Levine

This is a very powerful and beautiful post. I've been a Peter Gabriel fan for 25 years, and hadn't heard this song. I recently went through difficult times with my own father - and had to come to terms with the fact that I had a choice to make - I could either be "right" or I could love him unconditionally. I chose the latter. Like you expressed in your post, my dad is doing the best he can. He loves me, and shows it the best he can. I'm not perfect, so I stopped resenting him for not being perfect either. Thank you for a moving post.


Very beautiful, Naila!

Jude Grimm

Beautiful Naila,

You hit the heart of having a father. I am happy to know your Father's surgery went well. The Peter Gabriel song and video you chose is a gentle reminder of our sweet time together here and the opportunity to embrace the concept that no doubt, we choose our parents. Some of us have experienced having a Father for a short amount of time in our lives. Some of us get a longer time with them. The important message of their living is in their sincerity of how they have lived their lives.

My Father cultivated big dreams and I know he was the influence that I looked for in my pursuit of a male compadre. I see resemblances in both the features and the most cherished characteristics of my husband to that of my Father.

We have been been blessed with three sons and the blessings for me as their Mother is that their relationship with their Father is real.
Blessings to your Father and You,
Your Jude

Vicky DeCoster

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Thank you so much for sharing it with all spirited women around the world.


I love this piece you wrote about your dad. I like the Father Son video that you used to bring it all together. I had a bond with my dad and since the loss of him in 2/2008,
it has been tough on me. Each day is a little better than the day before. I was not just his daughter I was his caregiver for most of my adult life. So we had a long life together. Still I miss his smile and his talks so much. I am glad that you were able to mend things with your dad. I can relate to it as well with the mom's. I do not have a strong relationship with my mom like I had with him. Since his death I have started to forge a bond with my mom. I thank God everyday for allowing this to happen for us. That saying that our parents are doing the best that they could do. It strikes a so true cord. A lot of times they too are not giving the tools or learnt the lessons. We learn as we go we make mistakes and then figure how what we should have done.
There is no greater bond than that of a parent and a child.
Luv, Tally


So beautiful Naila. I love how you wove your words with the video from Peter Gabriel, and the picture of your father. It is good that you are coming to peace and acceptance with your father.

I sit here crying, for the loss of my own father at such a young age, for the relationship with my mother that is less than ideal. Thank you for reminding me that we are all doing the best we can with what we know.


Andrew Seubert

My dear Naila,
Thank you for the real words. I was actually relieved, even before listening to Gabriel's song, that you didn't candy-coat your relationship with your dad. Real words. Zane and I haven't always had it easy, and at times, it's "still crazy after all these years." But as Zane once wrote, there is "always the love, always the love."
Bless you, Papa S.

Susan Duval

Oh Naila, What a beautiful piece about your dad! I love how you linked Peter Gabriel's video song and added the fabulous photo of you and your father! I have been praying for him, and was so happy to hear that his surgery went well. He must be so very proud of you and all that you have accomplished! Love you, Susan

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