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May 07, 2009


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Catherine Nagle

Absolutely! Back at a time when I was going through a trauma in my life, I was blessed to have found early guidance from a Christian radio broadcast about the importance of the music we listen to. The powerful message helped me immensely and was similar to what you explained so beautifully and clear. The broadcaster announced the traps that some of us do not realize we get caught up in, can keep our emotions at their low point through some of the lyrics that we listen to.

So, along with my daily prayers and affirmations to move out of the darkness, I noticed the importance of the rhythm and lyrics in the songs, and where I wanted to go with them. We all want to feel loved, soothed, stronger, and joyful. The music we listen to positively affect our moods, because they bring our emotions to the same level of the lyrics and rhythm that we continue to attract more of the same. Being aware of this is an opportunity to choose again. Choose wisely.

Certainly, there are songs with lyrics and rhythm that have a healing affect by bringing the pain, sorrow, or grief, to the surface to be cleansed and released also. And they can actually help the grieving process. But to wallow in them can truly prevent us from going through them safely to the other side.

How do we know which songs are the most pleasurable or inspiring to soothe us? We begin to take notice to how we feel after we listen to a certain song: "Do we feel hopeful, supported, soothed, loved, understood, peaceful, or joy? Do we get the feeling of “I’ll Survive?” Or do we get the feeling of doom?"

Listen to music for pleasure, healing, and the powerful effect it has on your emotions. And choose the music that you want to live your life in. That stir up your passion to move forward!

One of my favorite up beat CD that has helped me is Cher’s “ Believe” And some others I am soothed with are Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s CD that speak with meaning and purpose of the sorrowful heart, without doom, but with an understanding of our Oneness with pleasure.

I truly believe your post has a most important message that needs to be heard. Just as much as the music we listen to. And just as important as the books we read for healing, guidance, and inspiration. The words become etched in our hearts.- Become the words that we live by.

Thank you very much for a much (long over do) needed message!

Catherine Nagle


Wow! I love finding new music and this post was great! Laura Izibor has such a clarion voice! My favorite song was MMM.

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