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April 30, 2009


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Linda Jay Geldens

Quite an odyssey indeed, Susan! And there's a term I just learned, for those of us who are "on the computer" a lot -- mouse potato!


Da. Ya. Mais oui, and absolutely. I completely relate to this lovely post from one of my favorite bloggers. In a few short years, I've gone being a sweet little darlin' who created strange results with random keystrokes to a confident gal who writes for technology companies. What an exhilarating journey! Still have to watch my fingers and that all-important mouse control, though.

Linda Jay Geldens


Thanks for commenting! I can also relate to the fear of breaking something on the computer. I remember that I worked up to pressing the "On" button in very small stages.


I, too, was once a tchnophobe. Being a court reporter for many years I had used the computer but only for work, nver even considering venturing out into the "real world." It was too scary and I was always afraid I'd break the machine by pushing the wrong button or something. Once I broke out of my box and started venturing over the line into the brave new world, I was amazed at what is available to me and others. I am so thankful for the internet. It is an awesome tool that's really only limited by our imagination. It's the sci movies in real action.
I love Lisa's comment about her gran's thinking she had to feed the mouse cheese; that's hilarious. My mom, by the way, almost 80, has also begun to strike the keys and visit a few websites. It's pretty cool.
Keep on pecking.

Linda Jay Geldens

Oh, great image, Lisa, of that hamster-powered computer! Thanks for sharing, and for sharing that you too used to be a technophobe.
You're right, it's better to be The Answer Lady about technical matters rather than the one always asking the questions...


I so relate. I was a technophobe for many years. I often wondered if a small hampster was inside the computer running on a wheel, powering the computer. It was all a mystery to me. Now, I am a go-to person when it comes to tech things. My friends always ask me for help, which blows my mind. I've learned so much, including managing my own websites. If I can do it, anyone can.

By the way, your mouse bit is so cute. Prior to my late gran's death, she was determined to learn how to use computers. She would jokingly ask if she had to feed the mouse cheese to get it to do what she wanted.

Enjoy the tech journey!

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