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January 23, 2009


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I'm the oldest of five children, so babysitting one or two kids at a time was like a vacation for me. I knew how to get meals on the table, clean up, bathe and bed kids. After they were asleep, I basked in the peace and quiet. My most nerve-wracking experience was sitting for a family's infant when the electricity went out. Fortunately, I was in the dark for only a few seconds.


I always tell my babysitter not to do the dishes or clean up. I explain that she is there to spend time with the kids and she should be playing with them.

I babysat my butt off from age 11-17 and had spare cash to go out with friends because of it. I also learned a lot about handling kid sized "emergencies" like spilled nail polish on new carpet, or a 6 year old cutting someone's hair.

The only hard experience I had like the one you described was 2 sets of twins and 2 cousins in from out of town, but I bought a friend to babysit with me so at least the ratio was cut in half!

Kristin Flannery

I love this post Vicky!! I too babysat all around my neighborhood. My mom was shocked when the neighborhood mom's told her that I was the babysitter everyone wanted because I did the dishes and cleaned up for the families when the kids went to bed (I NEVER did that at my own house). I think I got a dollar an hour. Nowadays I only hire college aged girls (trust me, I would love a high school girl but they are all so busy with sports and jobs at the mall).
Thanks for the laugh!

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