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January 06, 2009


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You are as beautiful inside as you are out. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life and for inspiring all of us to listen a bit better.


Kim Selbert

Teri: I enjoyed your piece about being hearing impaired. I had no idea that you had this disability. You write beautifully and I'll keep reading the posts on your blog. I continue to teach Laughter Yoga and to do occupational therapy with seniors. I am writing a book about Laughter Yoga from a personal perspective. I'll keep you posted. Kim

Teri Breier

Wow, Lisa, what a GREAT story! Bless you for taking the time to write about your uplifting in-laws. Your husband must have had quite an upbringing, as a hearing child of deaf parents. Blessings to all of you. :) ~ Teri

Lisa Claudia Briggs, LICSW

Hi Teri! I loved this article on every level. I married my husband Andy just a few years ago. Both of his parents were born with complete loss of hearing, both went to special schools to learn to sign and read lips and to speak.

When Andy and I were engaged,I first met his parents, on a visit to their home in Florida. I was amazed at how well we were able to talk and communicate. they had a party for us to meet all of their friends,who were also hearing-disabled.

I remember being so moved by the level of connection that resulted from such eye contact, and such attention. The contrast to daily conversations was remarkable.

At our wedding, a friend of the family signed during our ceremony- which was pretty nontraditional. There was something about this added level of interpretation that added something so beautiful to the mix.

Anyways- loved the photo of you, you look angelic and serene and beautiful.

xox and blessings

Jan E

What a great sharing from you Teri!!! You are an awesome spiritual warrior!

Teri Breier

Thank you, friends, I am deeply touched by your comments. Having people like you in my life is one of my greatest blessings...as is having a appreciative, supportive partner like Scott.

Kevin's article is so very uplifting and I encourage anyone who sees this to read it...you may have to cut and paste the link, but it's worth the effort.

In gratitude,

Vivien Young

Thank you so much for sharing, Teri. My grandfather was deaf from the age of 5. He lip-read and spoke mostly understandably - certainly within the family. He was the sweetest guy and I loved him deeply. He had his little tricks though. My grandmother talked - a lot - and all he had to do to tune her out was turn his back, so he couldn't see what she was saying!

And thank you for training Scott!

Kevin Masterson

Teri, Thank you so much for sharing so deeply & so imtimately with everyone. I never told you before but our housekeeper,Anna, when I grew up was deaf. She was one of the real blessings of my childhood. Here's a link to the column I wrote about her recently.


constance Leete

i'm glad i took the time to read it. thanks teri. LL, c


Thank you for sharing. Something we all hear from early on is that communication is the key to relationships. I've never been in a relationship before this one with Teri that even compares to the communication level we have. When we first got together I was concerned about how I would deal with spending time with someone who could not hear me very well. I learned two things: that someone who was hearing impaired could communicate with me better than anyone had before, and I learned that what we call handicaps do not necessarily diminish what we can experience here. One more thing I learned - how to communicate better myself. What a blessing.

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