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July 07, 2008


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Holly H. Crump

I know I am a spirited woman because I coach women to break cycles of abuse. Intergenerational patterns are learned; they can be unlearned and replaced with behaviors that breed healthy relationships. I know I am a Spirited woman because not everyone likes what I have to say--it threatens old stories that can change into novels of hope, joy, and conviction. Change is scary.

I know I am a Spirited woman because I've been a catalyst for change in my own family. No longer are the women in my family in abusive relationships. Do they get involved in unhealthy relationships? Yes--they just don't stay there. They recognize abuse and no that they will have support in their families to support their quick recovery.


Reading through all these posts, I feel I am reading notes from my 'selves' on other timelines; so many beautiful, enlightened people here! As Diana Call points out, we are all, always One in Spirit - it's simply a question of the degree to which we realize this, which is strictly a matter of commitment to practice as far as I can tell. I've always had high empathy and sensitivity, and couldn’t accept myself for a long time because I was so different from everyone around me growing up. I'm grateful that everything changed when I moved to California and discovered a spiritual community that truly supported me in realizing my Self as Spirit: Limitless, Eternal, Free, and Present, with the power to be always 'At Cause' rather than 'At Effect' in life. At essence it's about choice, about learning to see and experience ourselves, others and the Universe as Energy, with unlimited powers of transformation at our fingertips. I sometimes like to describe myself as ‘A tone of silence’, because it’s more accurate than all the body/mind labels that we’re used to. It took years of intense work for me to finally kick the habit of being a body, but boy has it been worth it! Because when we free ourselves from attachment to the body’s roles, we become aware of our spiritual contracts with others and can act on them with clarity. I don’t have to be a ‘Spirited Woman’, I can just be ME! I don’t have to be my son’s mother, I can just be a loving presence and wear the valences he needs without attachment. I’m free also to be my mother’s teacher instead of her daughter, which of course is what I’ve always been even since childhood – and everyone’s so much happier, because these are the REAL agreements!

One of my Spirit's dominant intentions for this life seems to be to cultivate an internal experience of freedom, even amidst what looks like a lot of limitation (tho I thank God for my excellent health). Perhaps this is why I have felt guided to contemplate death since a young age, and find a rich source for growth in the teaching that, 'the highest vibration one can hold is neutrality' - that it's when we're able to be neutral to everything that we are closest to the mind of God and best able to serve ourselves and others. With this in mind, one of my goals is to raise my vibration to the point that I experience my current lifetime with the same level of clarity and detachment that I have been taught to hold for past-life work, so that maintaining divine awareness becomes effortless. By now I've developed the ability to consistently choose joy and gratitude, and to see the one, deeper truth that underlies the illusions of worldly life. I've also had a golden opportunity to ground these realizations in 3D reality as the mother of a four year old boy. :)

I recently returned from CA to live with my parents in Maine - the ultimate challenge in neutrality. My ego resisted this change until I was completely out of options, but now I see it for what it is: almost literally a ‘re-birth’ resulting from my Spirit’s determination to be free from the past - a chance to ‘do-over’ my early life (I’m now in my early thirties). I'm grateful for the coaching method that my spiritual teacher has created, which I was certified to practice last year (it’s a phone-based method). You can find my bio (and some great content from my teacher) at www.bespiritled.com. Blessings on your journeys dear Divine Beings - Natalie

Mary Kennedy Eastham

I am a spirited woman because I never give up. I approach all of life with passion, an open heart and a sense of humour. The last two years have been excruciatingly stressful. I ended a marriage of 21 years, tried to have a baby on my own - I made it to nearly 16 weeks, lost a young friend to cancer, found my beloved heartlove Golden Retriever Flynn, only five, dead in my driveway of an unexplained heart event.
I'm sure there are other things, but I just must be in denial about them!!!

I still believe in love and all things beautiful. I wake up every day assuming I'll encounter a gentle form of joy. I'm coming through it all, guys, my Flynn sent me a
new little puppy Jack Tru, joining my family of three Goldens. I can smile again and
mean it! Gotta run, the puppy is licking my bare toes and peeing on the hardwood floor. Life is GOOD!!!

BC Parker

I believe we are all capable of being Spirited. I believe now that it's not so much what I do or what I have done...but, who I am. It is about my attitude and perspective on you and this life! It is about what I value. How much courage I have to stand on my principles - even if I stand alone. I believe I am Spirited because I sense a connectedness to all people, animals, even rocks on a mountainside or driftwood and shells on a windy beach. On a fit day or just a joyous moment, I can receive the warm sun, or a blast of dancing snowflakes flying willdly towards my face at night - like a thousand stars sent just for me! But, I must get my ego out of the way to be truly Spirited. It is our charge, I believe. I can hold the hand of a young woman in a poverty-stricken country and sit and share a piece of candy with her. I can look into her eyes and many others less fortunate than I, or more fortunate, and know that they have strengths to share and I am so much better for having met or known them. I cannot comprehend how to "rescue" them...but, I can fearlessly love them.
I recently spent about 9 months with my dearest friend as she struggled through a cancer ravaging her body. Never once did she forget to love...in fact, the closer she came to passing on, the more she rmembered that Love was truly what mattered most and saves us all. Her friends and family joined readily in that Love and amazing moments dominated and sustained her Spirit and taught me a secret I shall never forget. I don't know why things happen as they do, but I know that Love will sustain us and my friend lives on in our hearts because of that Love she shared constantly with us. Even in grief, I am so much better!


I am a spirited woman and would love love to be included in your blogger team someday! I blog daily, love to write and create and get my hands messy with paint and other mediums daily!
I want my life to matter.
i want to inspire.
I want to encourage other women. that they really can be happy.
Genuinely happy.
xo bonnierose in Fargo


Hi,im a spirited woman because I wake up every morning and say.Think ill give it another go today:)

Sally Franz

How do I know I am Spirited Woman?

Because every time I think I have had enough of this planet's shenanigans... a child laughs, a bird come to my window and tilts its head and I remember one more thing to put on my Bucket List

Sally Franz

Am I Spirited?
You betcha.
I was a spirited child, wandering the woods, making forts on islands in a nearby river, swinging from grape vines (too many Tarzan movies, there), and watching clouds overhead for hours (way before I saw Charlie Brown and Linus do it). I vowed I'd always be able to climb trees and I still can (but I think the trees are getting shorter).

My suggestion if you're not feeling spirited today? Do 2 things in the next four hours that you loved to do as a kid: eat a cookie, crayon, skip, look for bugs, take a wet walk with galoshes on and YES stomp those puddles, wear your hair in pigtails, call someone up you like and speak pig-latin together, practice making faces in the mirror, take a nap on the floor with your dog.

Jacqueline Gerber

The following elements come to mind: (1) maintaining cheerfulness in the face of adversity; (2) remaining creative when the odds do not favor imagination; (3) keeping standards of respect even though you may receive none in return; and (4) forging ahead with enthusiasm even when you are bone-tired and others are indifferent.

August J. McLaughlin

Hi Ladies!

I feel I'm a spirited woman because I live authentically. Certainly there've been times when I've fallen away or worked hard to push away from myself, I've always known that there was much more to life than the misery of pretending. (Surviving an eating disorder was a tremendous example of this....)

There is so much joy to be had in living fully, largely and authentically! Wishing you all the best toward all of these.

Nancy Thompson

I am a spirited woman. Though perhaps a late bloomer, I am truly flourishing in my early 60's. I believe that women can be fit and fabulous at every age. At 57 I got off the couch, got fit and became a certified personal trainer to support and encourage other mid-life couch bon-bons. I then went on to create FLOURISH a vibrant community for women in Portland, OR. Through Flourish, I have re-invented the famous salons of Paris and women love them. We provide a host of inspiring and informative experiences in unique, fun and relaxed settings. As a Spirited Woman, I've become a role model for flourishing at mid-life and beyond. If you are in the Portland area, check us out at www.flourish-pdx.com, we'd love to meet you!
Thanks for all the inspiration and creative energy you all share.

Donna Collins

I must be a Spirited Woman. At 64 I still want to learn and do so much more. Life is to short to waste. Two years after high school I enrolled in the Pittsburgh Art Institute, dancing at night as an Exotic Dancer to pay my tuition. Moving to california I learned to fly a single engine plane and received my pilots license, working as a waitress and hostess to pay my way. I later opened a country store "Henrietta Hen's" and was in retail for 23 years and loving it. After having to close my store I starting drawing again, one of my favorite things to do. I now have produced note cards and stationary which are located in several stores. I love drawing the old fashion way of life, when women wore red lipstick and wore long straight dresses or skirts. When the fashion model walked down the lane like a lady instead of stomping her feet. When makeup was soft and lips were hot red. Clothes were simple warm colors and lots of big buttons. I loved round toed shoes that made your feet look dainty and a heel that didn't look like a spike. So my art is just that and more.
I just recently began to license my designs, and to improve my design ideas I have enrolled in West Valley College taking Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, and Photo Shop. This will let me take my designs further and I just love it. I hope one day to further my ideas and fulfill my life long dream of Illustrating Children's books for my sister Fran who is a writer , designing clothes, and lots of other product from house hold decorations to paper product.
That's it ' Dream's will always keep you a Spirited Woman". Life is to short to waste. Make all your dreams come true, never give up.

Donna Collins

Jill Booth

Why? Because I love life, because I don't give up easily, because I am willing to "have a go", to help others, to create, to learn, to improve...in other words, to make the best of opportunities that life presents.

I am supposed to be retired; retired from what? As a teacher, artist, wife, mother, holiday resort and art gallery owner my "work" has always been my passion and central to my life, so I haven't really retired from anything - just moved to another role or occupation.

I am still an artist who loves teaching, a mother and now grandmother, sadly a widow. My occupation, apart from socialising with friends or caring for grandchildren is building websites for myself.

The first is about the art of tropical Australia, where I live - http://www.art-in-tropical-australia.com and the second is http://go-troppo-arts-festival.com - about an arts festival and arts workshops in Port Douglas North Queensland, which I am coordinating.

Part of being a spirited woman, I think, is to inspire others and have them come on the wonderful journeys which beckon.

Join me?

Joan Arlin Hibbs

High-spirited = spirited, forceful, feisty, courageous, heroic , bold, daring ,fearless, plucky, lively exuberant, vivacious, full of joie de vivre, animated, and so much more. Yes, I claim some of all of these parts which make me a spirited sum of my parts.

In a nutshell, I rebelled at age 10 by being baptized for a second time - but not in my father's church! I studied art and bought an oil painting set with some of my summer earnings that same year. At 16 years of age, I took preliminary vows to become a nun...gave in to my more earthly pressures and got a divorce from my parents instead. became engaged and married someone my father hated and proceeded to have children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren. I became a county mental health therapist and married my mate for life in 1970.

Since then I have also been a clinic administrator, consultant, court mediator, Reiki Master, decorator, writer/illustrator and life coach.

At age 72, this August 2009, I have written and illustrated my new children's picture book, The Puppy Who Wanted to Fly. Please see me and my books and illustrations on my new website -
http://www.joanarlinhibbs.com. My Spirited picture is there - you judge for yourself --- am I spirited? I know I was, am and always will be spirited.

Best regards,
Joan Arlin Hibbs

Denise Enright

As spirited women it is in our nature to help others. Just wanted to tell everyone about my dear friend's new book, Relationship Red Flags. It's "soul" purpose to is to help young girls (ages 10 to 100) to how to avoid being entangled in dangerous, debilitating relationships. She survived it and wants to help every woman, everywhere BEFORE the are snared. The author Anna Moss is a Spirited Woman !

Jennifer Spedowfski-Martin

I'm a spirited woman because I was a spirited girl. Before that I was a spirited baby. And before that, and still, I am a spirited soul.

I love life. It is a beautiful process. Sure I've had plenty of hard times, but all they did in the end was make me softer, wiser, funnier and more grateful for the true, beautiful things in life.

I can't stop myself from wanting to create: art, writing, and good times. I'm spirited alright...and it's a good thing because Divine Providence gave me a spirited life.

Lory Nelson

You are important

You make a difference

You are a light

and to someone.....

You are the reason.....they can go on....

they can do this...

they can..........

I don't like to talk about myself all the time.

I wrote this so you could be close to me

even if you can't.

And I did it for your friend...or your friend's friend...Your Aunt or your cousin......for the "ME"'s who gets the call from a pathologist...

In a perfect world I would never have to help anyone through this... there would be no Cancer.

But I can and I will be the one to say..."twenty ....thiry...fourty......years ago.....This is how I got through and you can too.

So That's why I write here and that's why I am glad you come by and read...[I know there are more than 8 of you that pass by (as the "Followers")] and look at the pictures...even the ones that were hard to face.......My cousin, who is on the opposite side of the country in Seattle has been here. My other cousin reads here too from Indiana......I love seeing their comments or even just seeing their nickname. One of them challenged me to see if I could figure out it was her...I did in about a nanosecond...

Karen Mehringer

Living the life of our dreams takes a lot of passion and courage! Ten years ago, my husband and I embarked on a six-month ocean odyssey as crew on a 46-foot sailboat traveling from Fiji to Singapore. This journey helped me to step out of the box of how I thought I "should" live life and opened my heart and mind to all of the incredible possibilities for how I could live life. Today, I am a spirited women who is truly following my heart and living my dreams. Now, my passion is to help empower others to do the same. My book, Sail Into Your Dreams: 8 Steps to Living a More Purposeful Life was written for just this purpose!

Judy  H.Wright aka Auntie Artichoke

Hello from beautiful Montana:

I just returned from addressing a group of day care providers and early education teachers. What angels they are and how pleased I am that our children are in good hands. I told them and you that we can have a job (paycheck) a career (some security) or a calling. A calling is divinely inspired and we would do it even if we got no pay.

My calling is to share a message of mutual respect, kindness and understanding for all. It is wonderful to be in a position to share that message with a global audience. The message is shared through books, articles, teleclasses and in person training.

I am simply the messenger but am excited to see how many spirited women resonate with the message.

Thank you for your important work,

Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author

Peggy Titt

Following the instructions of my 8th grade English teacher, I referred to Mr. Webster for definition and clarification of "spirited", and found one word: "lively". I am definitely a Spirited Woman, because I choose Life--Life in its exuberant, ebullient, surprising, joyful glory. I choose Life with its disappointment, grief, pain and aggravation. Since being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease seven years ago at age 52, my outlook on Life has both plummeted to the barren, rocky bottom and soared to the rich, lush peak. I know that my Life is what I make it, and only to the extent that I can inspire and enrich someone else's life is my own inspired and enriched. If I can draw out peace and happiness from someone else's heart--i.e., inspire them--and make their life spirited for even a moment, then my life is spirited--i.e., inspired, or blessed, if you will--a hundredfold. Being a Spirited Woman is a choice I make every day, and every day I say, "Yes!" and "Yes!" and "Yes!"

Diana Call

My name is Diana and, one day the HAPPY FACE of the SPIRITUAL WOMAN arrived in my mail box. I like looking at her because she expresses soooo much enthusiasm, joy, creativity and YES-to-life.

My comments concerning this subject.....
Everybody is a spirited woman/man....We are all, without exception, expressions of the ONE, GOD, BUDDHA or whatever you like to call it. We are all made of the same 'stuff' and this 'stuff' is made of us. Therefore, there are no un-spiritual beings walking on this earth at anytime. What we do see is people walking around with different levels of consciousness (awareness) of WHO and WHAT they are in reality....Most people, if at all, think we are human beings who also have a Soul while in truth we are Spirit expressing itself through a human body.

Let me put some food for thought out here for every one who would like to contemplate on this. What is spirituality? Who is spiritual? The person who considers her- or himself 'so spiritual', because they go to church, conduct themselves in a 'normal, christian, islamic, righteous, etc.' way but don't have the faintest clue of their issues walking the talk? The slightest incident let's them blow up in anger, swine-flu them and their own issues keep them in the throngs of fear, in relationships they either try to dominate or be subservient; they are full of judgment of themselves and the world around them; they blame others for their own mistakes; feel guilty or make others feel guilty; and so on and so on.....

Having said all this you can see that I am not so very fond of the use of the word spirituality. In my opinion its a judgement, it places a separation between us and the other. I am spiritual, you are not. I am better than you. This, in my opinion is not a very helpful approach to changing the world we are living in right now. If we want to become ONE AND WHOLE we must learn to unconditionally LOVE all human beings on this planet, also the ones who have not found their own light within themselves as yet.

I hope I made sense....because English is not my first language;

Blessings of Light and Love to everybody open to receive.

Diana Call



colleen baldrca

Having just returned from a long walk in the woods with a friend and my dog, Sara. I feel exuberant and I know, I am a Spirited Woman! I love life and all the new experience it offers on a daily basis. I take nothing for granted.

When I decided to retire from my job to promote my book,Tree Spirited Woman, I told my husband "There are a lot of Women who are going to be put into my life and I can't wait to meet them." Spirited Women, we have been put here for each other, for our families and to be open to all that comes our way. Isn't it exciting?!

Catherine Nagle

I feel that I am truly a woman of spirit, because as far back as I can remember, I saw the heart of love through many women in my lifetime. - And the spirit of God manifest here on earth is through this love. My first role model of a true spirited woman was my mother. - In nurturing seventeen children and her healthy submissiveness to my father, is sacred wisdom, to me. She was very familiar with her spirit that brought her though many storms in life, that it gave her tremendous strength in staying fixed on peace, understanding, and compassion, by bringing true justice to everyone. I would not have made it through my hardships, if it weren’t for the many spirited women in my life.
I have also met many men who lived these same truths, too. And they brought the spirit of love and nurturing through a myriad of other ways that sometimes is overlooked by some. - And through prayer, I am not blinded to the good faith and work of these men, that is unveiled to the powerful women of spirit.
But on my journey, the majorities have been women that seemed to hold my awareness to this nurturing spirit. Especially mothers! I truly believe a mother’s job is the hardest job in the world. - Through her servitude of the loving spirited heart that is necessary to sustain life. - For men, women, and the children!
My prayer is to unveil some of these powerful unseen forces of the spirited women. And possibly support one another in making our world a much better place to live in. – A softer place, especially for our children. - They are the future world of love and spirit that will continue to live on from the spirit of love, which the spirited women bring.

Catherine Nagle


I don't even know how I found this website...but I am thinking there must be a reasone.......HMMMM www.LoryNelson.blogspot.com . Thats my spirit in a nutshell.....but it's too long to tell the story here...You guys pump me up

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