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August 20, 2009


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Linda Jay Geldens

Sharon, That is the most amazingly exciting news. Those women pilots certainly deserve the Congressional Gold Medal! Congratulations to your mother, and to all the other WASPs. Keep us posted about when the ceremony will be held in the Capitol Rotunda!

Sharon Kayser

And now these great women (my mother, who will be 92 this week, was one of them) will be receiving the Congressional Gold Metal. The bill was sponsored by all the women in the Senate and most, or not all of the women in the House. The bill was signed into law by President Obama on July 3rd. As soon as Congress, the Treasury and the Smithsonian can get their collective acts together, there will be a major ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda to award these medals to the survivors and to the heirs of those who have died.

Linda Jay Geldens

So good to hear that the WASPS (and Amelia Earhart) inspired you to such great heights (literally), Jean!

Jean Merritt

when I was twenty-three I started taking flying lessons and these women along with Amelia Earhart were my inspiration and role models. They showed me that if you really want to do something you can regardlesss of what gender. When I learned to fly there were very few women pilots. I never gave that a thought. I knew that if I aspired to it I could do it. And that is what I did, thanks to these women who paved the way.

Linda Jay Geldens

Hi, Suzanne, Good to know about that museum, and about the Twitter connection. These women pilots were way, way ahead of their time!

Suzanne Arruda

I've been a fan of the WASPS for several years. Wonderful museum of women aviators at the Oklahoma City Airport and there's a great twitter @flygirls posted by the daughter of a WASP with the latest news on them. Sadly, that's often an obituary, but even reading those reveal wonderful, brave, spirited women.

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